The Need for new New Approaches for Countering Violent Extremism

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By all indications, the heightened global war on terror that was launched in the immediate aftermath of September 11 should have dealt a final blow and degraded terrorists’s capacity to orchestrate acts of terror around the world. Paradoxically, the threats posed by terrorist hasn’t subsided. In any case, there has been increased terror attacks in France, Unite Kingdom turkey.

If anything, the offensive counter-terrorism has instead greatly destabilized governments in middle east. It is this destabilized nations that terrorists are using as havens for training.

Far from operating as shadowy outfits, terrorist organisations such as ISIS strengthened their organisations with the capability to dislodge government forces in Iraq and Syria.

The glaring feature of the war on terror is that it has largely focused on military interventions. Little else has been towards expenditure the frontiers of this war on terror through other strategies. In fact, there is considering evidence suggestive of the fact that military approaches has instead boosted terrorists recruitment drive.

Consequently, after over 15 years of “going after terrorists”, the failure of  these high-budget war on terror paints a clear picture of a war whose staggering costs have so far proven to outweigh the benefits. In reality the terrorism threat is too small to justify
either the existing strategy or more military intervention.


When African liberators metamorphosed into shameless autocrats and looters of state resources

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A liberation movement used to be that superfluous, high-sounding tag that gave so much aura of legitimacy to any rebel leader who fashioned himself as a commander of an armed struggle. With benefit of hindsight, it turns out most of such organizations were actually a bunch of fortune hunters who simply took advantage of the prevailing socials injustices to seek power for their own self aggrandizement.

It’s worth probing whether a truly genuine liberator can metamorphose into fully blown kleptocrat that we have seen across Africa. Yet what we see across Africa is a continent that has been failed by it leaders. Outside of patriotic revolutionary leaders like Thomas Sankara, few liberation leaders can be labelled as being patriotic.
It’s becoming apparent that most African autocrats who rose to power from the auspices of revolutionary movements are purely preoccupied by keeping themselves in powers and enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Huge sums of monies are committed to useless ventures such as developing and financing patronage networks. This is in spite of the pathetic state of delivery of social services. Most health care services in some of these Africa countries under the stewardship of revolutionary leaders are in wretched states. Instead of fixing these obviously serious problems, officials instead opt to fly themselves to expensive hospitals abroad. Ironically, the hefty costs associated with seeking medical services aboard is actually enough to improve healthcare conditions for all citizens.

Far from liberating their people as they once clamored,  this bunch is responsible for so much suffering and repression. Anti-corruption activists who raise voices against excesses are promptly arrested as corrupt cronies are promoted to sensitive positions.

After receiving lots of money as aid from bilateral donors and well as international development organisation, no much gains has been registered. This is largely because much of this aid money is embezzled by the corrupt political.  It is this monies that they bank in tax havens such as Switzerland and Luxembourg.

While they pretend to be wooing prate investors, the thieves are keeping their loot in other countries. Lots of monies that should be changing lives are kept idle.

It is quite shameful that basic things such as clean water, education are still distant dreams for many Africans.

With this highly disappointing leadership of liberators,  the need for change shouldn’t in itself drive African masses into blindly supporting anyone who promises change. Instead the main focus should be on building credible institutions. With great institutions, a lot of transformations can take place regardless of who is in power.  This institutions can also provide checks and balances.